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At Coeur Mining, you’ll find more than just a job. Coeur offers a variety of positions in the mining field. Coeur’s 2,000+ employees are motivated by finding and pursuing their higher standard of work, taking initiative, and not being afraid to lead.

Coeur is unique because we are fueled by the opportunity of working together to tackle challenges head-on. Together, we welcome new ideas, and leaders who will own and deliver solutions. With 90 years of mining experience, Coeur understands the importance of responsible mining, collaboration, and innovation.

Why We Pursue a Higher Standard

  We believe that EVERY employee has a voice

Coeur is a company of doers. Each employee has the ability to influence their work environment and the business as a whole. Are you ready to make an impact? No seriously, are you? If so, then fill out your application.

  We believe in career development opportunities

At Coeur we provide YOU with the tools you need to succeed. We support each employee by offering leadership development opportunities, onsite job-specific trainings, and certain educational assistance. With perks like those, there’s no excuse for not pursuing a higher standard.

  We believe that safety is key

Safety is at the foundation of everything we do. We believe in everyone returning home safely every day. We are proudly certified under the CoreSafety program through the National Mining Association.

  We are on the cusp of new and upcoming technology

What can we say? We like to try new things. We are constantly seeking new and innovative technology to help make our jobs (& lives) easier. Ask us about our most recent technology venture.

  We believe in competitive compensation for our employees

Let’s face it, you put in a hard day’s work, so you deserve a fair compensation. It’s as simple as that. We watch the markets and keep our wages consistent. Boom.

   We are good neighbors

We believe that being a good neighbor is more than keeping our hedges trimmed and the noise to a minimum. We invest in the communities in which we operate through monetary donations, volunteer efforts, environmental stewardship, and socioeconomic benefits. We make sure that our sustainability efforts address the needs of the future generations.

  We invest in the wellbeing of our employees

With wellness initiatives at each of our sites, Coeur believes that a healthy employee is a productive employee. Whether you’re driving a 200-ton haul truck, or sitting at a desk all-day, we want you to feel healthy and able.