At Coeur, we believe in producing value for the communities in which we operate.

We are actively engaged in the communities where we live and operate. Our teams across locations evaluate the individual needs of each community to understand where we can create the most value. Through our efforts and operations, we aim to provide financial growth, generate thousands of direct and indirect jobs and create unique, lasting economic opportunities.

Financial Value

Financial Value

Our sites are helping to contribute to the financial growth of our stockholders and the communities in which we operate.

As the largest U.S.-based primary silver producer and a significant gold producer, Coeur is helping to create financial value within the communities surrounding our four wholly-owned operations and across all locations where Coeur maintains a presence. Our operations provide wages and benefits that contribute not only to our employees’ well-being, but also to the economic strength of the communities where we operate.

Number of full-time employees of the Company at December 31, 2015

Number of employees employed per site:

U.S. Corporate and Other

Rochester Mine

Kensington Mine

San Bartolomé Mine1

Palmarejo Mine

Wharf Mine

1 The Company maintains a labor agreement in South America with Sindicato de Trabajadorés Mineras de la Empresa Manquiri S.A. at the San Bartolomé mine in Bolivia. The San Bartolomé mine labor agreement was in effect for 2015. At December 31, 2015, approximately 11% of the Company’s global labor force was covered by collective bargaining agreements.

Economic Opportunity

Economic Opportunity

We go above and beyond our mining operations to provide numerous opportunities for economic growth.

In addition to the thousands of mining-specific jobs we create, we’ve developed a number of initiatives designed to offer a variety of employment opportunities to local community members. Coeur has developed a number of training programs across our operations. By providing training, new job possibilities and, ultimately, the foundation for economic stability, we are helping sustain the communities in which we operate.

Opening Opportunities for Outdoor Recreation

At Coeur, we love seeing our communities take advantage of all the surrounding landscape has to offer. At our Wharf mine, we lease a portion of our reclaimed site to a small business that provides tourists and locals with western horseback adventures during the warm summer months and secluded sleigh rides in the snowy season.

We also partner with the South Dakota Game Fish and Parks Department to provide a groomed snowmobile trail that links South Dakota’s most popular ski resort to the entire Black Hills trail system. This provides an incentive for vacationers looking to enjoy easy access to the trailhead to bring more business to the area.

Promoting Community Development

Coeur employees in Rochester are active members of the Pershing County Economic Development Authority. Made up of community members and city council representatives, this committee meets once a month to discuss and develop ways to help maintain and grow the area’s economic base. In 2015, the committee signed an agreement with Abbi Agency, a full-service marketing, public relations, advertising and digital engagement firm that works extensively with smaller communities to help them market their community and draw new businesses into the area.

Empowering Entrepreneurs

Empowering women and encouraging entrepreneurship accelerates economic growth for a community. In 2015, Coeur Wharf partnered with the South Dakota Center for Enterprise Opportunity and their Women in Leadership program, dedicated to providing training, support and guidance to entrepreneurs. Through our involvement, we’re enabling economic development in South Dakota.

We also collaborated with the Deadwood‐Lead Economic Development Corporation to establish a community development and leadership program, designed to help foster positive growth within the community.

Increasing Community-Based Tourism

In many of the areas we operate, we serve as the main source of employment. While we’re proud to provide jobs through our mines, we also believe it’s important to develop a range of economic opportunities for our communities. At our San Bartolomé mine, we developed the Lackachaca Community Tourist Complex to help promote the area as a recreational destination featuring fishing, boating and hiking, providing sustainable economic opportunities not directly tied to mining cycles.

Creating Employment Opportunities for Women

To help broaden job opportunities for women in the community, Coeur Mexicana developed a cleaning services cooperative. The program works with single mothers to deliver cleaning services to both the company and outside contractors, such as a local hotel. Providing the women with supplies, uniforms and transportation, the cooperative helps set them up for success.

Coeur also joined forces with government agencies to purchase the machinery necessary for a female-focused tortilla production cooperative. The program sources ingredients from local suppliers, and thus supports the sustainable development of the surrounding economy. With the necessary resources, the women are able to reach high quantities of production and sell their product to local businesses, generating income.

With these programs in place, we’re promoting gender equality and providing women with a sense of accomplishment and an income that helps support their families.

Generating Income through Culinary Courses

For many of the wives of San Bartolome’s employees, a chance to learn new skills and increase their family’s income is welcomed. Coeur has developed numerous courses focused on baking, pastry making and international and national cuisine that have led some women to open their own small shops, obtaining additional revenue for their homes.